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Homeroom Teacher List

Parents and students, if you are not sure about the teachers for a homeroom click to open the document below and view all of a particular homerooms teachers!

Grade 7 Homeroom List

Grade. 7

Grade 8 Homeroom List

Grade 8

Grade 9 Homeroom List

Grade 9
Ms. Auchinleck
Ms. Autexier
Mr. Baird
Ms. Barbeau
Ms. Blundon
Mr. Christopher
Ms. Clancy
Ms. Colbourne
Ms. Cook's
Ms. Derible
Ms. Doyle
Ms. Ezekiel
Mr. Foran
Mr. Foss
Ms. Gladney
Ms. Hayes
Ms. Hubley
Ms. Kelly
Ms. Lushman
Mr. Marsh
Mr. Molloy
Ms. Nippard
Ms. O'Keefe Swain
Ms. Oakley
Ms. Pardy
Ms. Pearce
Mr. Reddick
Mr. Richards
Mr. Smith
Mr. Staple
Ms. Torraville
Ms. Walsh
Mr. Williams
Ms. Young