Back to School Reminders (April 2021)

SPJH Return to In-Class Learning

Important Updates

In consultation with the Department of Education and Public Health officials, the Newfoundland and Labrador English School District (NLESD) will resume full-time in-class instruction (Scenario 1) for all K-9 schools in the District. High schools throughout the province which cannot operate in Scenario 1, due to an inability to cohort and recently revised Public Health protocols, will operate under the Scenario 3 (full-time online instruction) model.

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COVID-19 Screening Procedures

  • Families should continue to screen daily for COVID symptoms.

    • Click Here for COVID-19 Screening Procedures

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • The use of masks in schools is MANDATORY.

  • SPJH will also have a limited supply of disposable masks for emergencies.

  • Additional PPE may be required based on specific student needs

  • Our staff will have the required PPE necessary to be used depending upon their role and the situation (i.e. face shields, gloves etc.

Mask Wearing in Schools

  • As set by the Special Measures Order of the Chief Medical Officer, students will be expected to wear masks at all times, properly covering their mouth and nose, except while eating.

  • This is a change from previous rules when they were allowed to remove their masks while they were in class with their cohort. This is not the case any more.

  • The only time students can lower their mask is during recess and lunch while eating and drinking when they will also be required to be seated at their desk.

  • Students will also wear their mask while travelling on the bus to and from school, while walking throughout the building and during all classes, even when seated.

Classroom/Cohort Setup

  • All homerooms will cohort as was occurring prior to the recent closedown. The most significant difference is several classes were mixed for personal development courses ( Art, Music, Phys.Ed, Tech, Home Ec.). These classes have now been separated with a separate teacher assigned to supervise in a separate classroom. This will be communicated to the students tomorrow.

  • Staff will still be travelling to different classrooms to teach subjects.


  • Students will continue to use separate entrances and exits depending on how they arrive. We are doing our best to minimize group gatherings, please help us by supporting the guidelines:

    • Walkers will use the entrance at the back of the school

    • Bus students will enter through the designated bus entrance

    • Dropped off students will enter through the main parking lot entrance. Please DO NOT drive around the back of the building to allow your child to walk in through an alternate entrance.

    • Morning drop-off is always very busy – please take great care in our parking lot.

    • Parking is very limited. If you need to park, please do so at the back parking lot and not the main entrance area - this is reserved for staff.

School Access: Parents/Guardians

  • A reminder to all parents and guardians – access to the school is not permitted.

Student Transportation

  • ALL students that ride the bus are required to wear a mask covering their mouth and nose.

  • The busing expectations due to COVID-19 are explicit and must be followed. To maintain the safety of all students on our buses, our school will be strictly enforcing these measures. The two most important are the requirement to wear masks and staying seated in their seat. These are non-negotiable requirements.

  • Bus loads continue to be reduced to 46 students at present. Only students who are eligible to use bus transportation should be on the bus.

Breakfast Grab and Go Program

  • This will continue in the same format as prior to the break. Staff will be at several points in the school to distribute grab and go items.


  • Students will remain in their homeroom class during recess.

  • The cafeteria services will continue as prior to the closeout. All orders must be done online. PLEASE NOTE: It will not resume until Monday, March 22nd.


  • Students will remain in their homeroom class during lunchtime.

  • Lunch can be ordered from the cafeteria but must be completed online at:

  • Outside food from restaurants is not permitted to be delivered or brought to school. Currently local restaurants are a drive through basis only and access to some stores is at a limited capacity. Please remind your child of this should they decide to leave to get lunch outside the building.

  • If a student forgets their lunch, we will provide them with a brown bag lunch from the office. We will not be accepting items dropped off from home at this time.

Water Bottles and Fountains

  • Students are encouraged to bring their own water bottles for use – we recommend they be labelled.

  • Drinking directly out of the water fountains is not permitted.


  • Loitering in the washroom will not be permitted. A maximum capacity of two to three students is acceptable given physical distancing rules. (Signage is posted) While we understand that more than three students may wish to avail of the washroom at any one time, they must wait in the corridor and maintain distance until room is available.

  • Students failing to adhere to the guidelines in the washrooms will face disciplinary measures.